Beauty treatments for the feet

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Beauty treatments for the feet. Most people stop at trimming their nails and peeling while showering, but that’s not enough. Beauty treatments for the feet should have a slightly wider range. Don’t forget about them when you go for a massage, beautician or spa. Thanks to this, you will enjoy healthy feet and a great mood.

Before you put on your sandals …


The pedicure treatment begins with bathing the feet in water with a specially designed liquid. Massage is important as it improves blood circulation, transport of nutrients and removes toxins responsible for diseases. Then, with the help of a milling machine, remove excess keratinized epidermis. We trim the nails giving them the right shape, use a special gel to soften the cuticles and with a wooden stick remove their excess and massage the feet. The massage can be performed with the use of an appropriate foot cream. We choose it depending on the needs of the skin. Its task is to smooth and moisturize the feet. Each pedicurist at the beauty salon will advise us on appropriate treatments for our feet.

Beauty salons offer various pedicure treatments that differ in selected cosmetics. Among them we can distinguish:

  • Classic
  • Biological
  • SPA
  • Medicinal

Paraffin bath

The paraffin bath consists in immersing the feet in heated liquid paraffin. It is an intensely moisturizing and lubricating cosmetic treatment. Liquid paraffin makes preparations applied to the skin before bathing more effective. Thanks to this, the alloy becomes smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Refreshing foot baths

These are refreshing foot baths with various additives. It can be, for example: sea salt with mint leaves or lime oil. Its task is to act as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

Masks – nourishing, regenerating, caring for the skin and nails

Light masks with a silky texture are designed to soften the epidermis, which helps to remove thickenings and hardness of the epidermis. The addition of natural clay gives the effect of cleansing the skin without the need for mechanical abrasion. The zinc contained in the mask has an astringent, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. These types of cosmetic treatments are intended for people who have very dry and cracked skin on the feet.

Gel for feet

If you have a feeling of sore, tired legs, you should decide on a procedure that involves applying a special gel to your feet. Natural plant components and a slight cooling effect provide immediate relief and relief.

Examples of foot diseases faced by beauticians:

  • warts,
  • prints
  • ingrown nails,
  • calluses, corns,
  • cracked heels,
  • halluksy,
  • discoloration of the nail plate,
  • tinea,
  • psoriatic lesions.

Each of the lesions should be consulted with a doctor and the appropriate treatment method should be selected.

Prices of foot care treatments:

  • Pedicure PLN 70,
  • Paraffin bath 60 PLN,
  • Masks and refreshing baths PLN 40,
  • Foot gel 40 PLN.

Delicate, silky smooth skin and shapely nails add charm and self-confidence to every woman. Therefore, it is worth giving them special care. The necessary visit to the beautician should take place at least once every 4-6 weeks. If you can afford to visit more often, you will definitely not hurt your feet.

Or maybe a foot massage?

Do you feel stressed by your work? Massage is a great idea to relax your body and reflect. Acupressure massage, focused on the soles of the feet, combined with massage of the toes, ankles, calves and thighs. All this with the use of oil extracts of mint, eucalyptus and aloe and a lotion containing menthol, camphor, beeswax, clove and cinnamon extract. Perfect to remove the feeling of “heavy, tired legs”. Detoxifies the immune system and improves sleep quality. Very popular also due to its beneficial effect on the circulatory system. Regularly used – reduces the risk of civilization diseases causing damage to the bloodstream. These types of cosmetic procedures have a healing and therapeutic effect. Foot acupressure, otherwise known as reflexology, it was known and practiced in deeply ancient times.

There is evidence that it was used in China even five thousand years ago. Also in India and Egypt confirmation was found that the practice of medicine practiced compressing certain areas of the feet for health purposes. This method can help detect the disease and solve our health problems. A painful, sensitive point on the foot informs us about a disturbance in the energy flow in the part corresponding to a given zone. If any organ or system is unwell, we feel pain in this area during massaging, and sometimes even a physical abnormality (thickening, redness). The more a given point hurts during the mass, the more loaded and dysfunctional the body part corresponding to a given receptor is.

Although some cents of treatments are not too cheap, it is worth investing in your health and well-being!

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