Płytki ceramiczne do kuchni

Ceramic tiles for the kitchen

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Ceramic tiles for the kitchen. Ceramic tiles for use in the kitchen must meet many requirements, first of all, they should be easy to clean, resistant to quick wear, easy to lay and compatible with the arrangement of the room. Such wall decoration can be used not only between kitchen cabinets, but also on the entire surface of the walls. It is a very aesthetic and functional solution that allows you to easily remove fat and other impurities. Beautiful ceramic tiles will give the kitchen style, thanks to which the interior will gain extraordinary coziness.

Patterns of ceramic tiles for the kitchen

There are different types of ceramic tiles available on the market and they come in different sizes, colors and designs. This makes it easy to match the decoration of walls, floor, kitchen furniture and household appliances.

h3>Imitation of bricks on the kitchen wall

Brick is constantly popular and you can lay ceramic tiles imitating such a pattern both on the wall and on the floor. Just choose the size and color, and the type: glazed, matte. Both large tiles that look like a real wall and smaller bricks will look great in a kitchen decorated in a loft, modern and minimalist style.

Ceramic tiles imitating wood

The imitation of wood in various finishing materials looks attractive and stands out against the background of furniture and other decorations. The imitation of ecological materials looks interesting between the cabinets, on the wall near the stove and on the floor. Wooden ceramic tiles perfectly reflect the nature of wood and are free from moisture penetration, chemical resistant and fireproof.

Pictures on ceramic tiles in the kitchen

The area between the kitchen cabinets can be covered with beautiful ceramic tiles that look like a photo showing, for example, beautiful cups filled with coffee. Such projects become real works of art. Innovative technologies make it possible to use the original image on the tiles. During the printing process, the plate heats up and the professional ink penetrates the ceramic structure. Such a wall decoration looks great on a bright one-color background.

Stone ceramic tiles for the kitchen

When arranging the kitchen in a classic, rustic or Provencal style, you can consider ceramic tiles imitating natural stone. They will look great with wooden furniture and decorations made of wrought iron and rough surfaces. Beautifully made stone tiles are difficult to distinguish from such materials as: granite, rocks, marble, slate, travertine. The surfaces on the walls and floors can be decorated with stone-like tiles with uneven edges and gaps, emphasizing the atmosphere of a Mediterranean home.

Patchwork is an original stylistic proposition of kitchen tiles

Lovers of colorful patterns on the walls and floor in their kitchen can admire the patchwork pattern. Tiles laid between cabinets can be of different sizes, both small and large tiles will look beautiful. They can be with a motley colored pattern, together they create an unusual color plane. The combination of such tiles looks best with light furniture that is equipped with cream, beige and white fronts. Patchwork floor tiles create an attractive oriental rug with an interesting pattern.

One-color tiles

People who value minimalism most often choose wall decorations in the form of small tiles (10cm x 10cm) arranged in one color. They create a beautiful finish for walls and floors, which look good both in the face of colored and monochrome furniture. Some people appreciate the small size of the multi-colored tiles, which create an interesting decoration of the area between the cabinets. It can be a combination of three colors that are similar in shade or completely contrasting with each other.

Floral elements on ceramic tiles

Plant motifs have long been the most popular pattern for placing between cabinets in the kitchen. There are various flower options, sizes and colors available on the market. Such a pattern on kitchen tiles fits perfectly not only with a smooth background, but can be supplemented with an imitation of textiles. Flower elements are also used for relief decorative parts, they are designed to create borders and panels.

Kitchen tiles imitating metal

The introduction of metal-imitating tiles to the kitchen does not make the kitchen look cool, it must be admitted that it looks original in interiors arranged in the style of minimalism and hi-tech. Although it can also be found in kitchens with a Scandinavian design, such tiles perfectly reflect the features of steel, copper and brass.

Golden accents in the kitchen

An interesting style that is eagerly used in the kitchen are elements imitating gold and similar materials. Exclusive tiles are quite expensive to buy, but you do not need to cover the entire walls with them, it is enough to arrange them between the kitchen cabinets for an extraordinary, sophisticated arrangement effect.

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