Cleaning company – a new way to do business

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Cleaning company – a new way to do business.In recent years, there has been a great interest in the services of cleaning companies. This is because more and more people do not have the time or willingness to clean up on their own, prefer to hire specialists for this task. The services of cleaning companies are largely used by large companies renting office buildings, offices or schools. But also private offices or small shops often employ a cleaning agency. Housing cooperatives hire a company to clean staircases or the vicinity of blocks. This is often more profitable than hiring your own cleaner. 

The increase in demand for cleaning services is observed especially during the holidays, when everyone wants to have clean, fragrant and clean surfaces, and rarely have time for it.

Cleaning companies can be divided into small, medium and large.

The former are mainly one-person companies or companies employing several employees. They deal with the implementation of single, small orders. They mainly clean apartments, small offices and shops. They are often set up by former cleaners who no longer want to work for others. They have their regular customers who recommend their services to their friends.

Medium and large cleaning companies value large orders more, often there is no cleaning of small apartments in their services. They take care of order in supermarkets, office buildings and industrial halls. They often employ several dozen or even several hundred employees. In addition to classic cleaning, they also offer other services, such as carpet cleaning, carpet washing , post-renovation cleaning, washing at heights, cleaning gardens and green areas, snow removal and cleaning after mass events . In recent years, large cleaning agencies often employ foreigners, mainly Ukrainians and Belarusians.

For a cleaning company to be successful, several conditions must be met.

      • Qualified staff – this is the most important element of the agency. It is up to the cleaners to decide whether their clients will be satisfied or will use the services again. A cleaning company that provides cleaning services must employ specialists who have extensive experience in the industry. It is also important that employees are trusted and honest, as they often enter private apartments or offices.
      • competences of employees – people working in the agency must improve their qualifications, know the cleaning agents and cleaning equipment available on the market.
      • professional products – it is important that cleaning companies use the best quality products from reputable companies. This will avoid complaints and guarantee customer satisfaction. Necessary equipment needed in a cleaning company are mops, vacuum cleaners, cleaning trolleys, handheld equipment, sweepers, steamers, wooden floor care devices, vacuum cleaners for washing carpets and carpets, cleaning products, special work clothes and other small devices. Devices are often very expensive but will pay for themselves quickly. They will facilitate and speed up the work performed.
      • Management staff – that is, the person or persons who will professionally manage employees. They will be able to ensure the timeliness and quality of services offered. A managing person, a manager, must plan the staff schedule well, which ensures effective work and at the same time will be attractive for the employees. He must be able to plan logistics well. Often, orders are carried out in other, distant places. Transport should then be arranged for both personnel and equipment.
      • Good advertising – it is important to be able to advertise your company so that it is selected from the competition. Companies can advertise on the radio, press, TV and social media. The website encourages you to check the services offered. But the best advertisement is a recommendation by other satisfied customers.

How to start a cleaning company?

Establishing cleaning agencies is not complicated. No additional requirements, appropriate qualifications and experience are needed to conduct it. A cleaning company can be set up as a sole proprietorship, as a general partnership, civil partnership, limited liability company. You must register it, complete all necessary official formalities, obtain NIP and REGON. If we have a problem with starting a business ourselves, we can use the help of labor offices.

Often, after presenting a business plan, they offer funding from EU funds. The company should have a bank account, seat and a contact telephone number. At the beginning, you do not need a large financial contribution, what counts is the motivation to work and the desire to succeed in this industry.

Cleaning company – profitable business

If someone is considering opening their own business, it is worth considering setting up a cleaning agency. Observing today’s market, you can see that the demand for this type of service is constantly growing. Cleaning companies have their hands full and they do not complain about the lack of orders. More and more people will be interested in hiring someone to help them clean their home or other facility.

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