Anställda från Polen
pracownicy z Ukrainy agencja

Employees from Ukraine

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Employees from Ukraine. The labor force flowing to Poland from Ukraine has already become a fact. In every city during the day one manages to hear the Ukrainian language. More and more Ukrainians are deciding to move to Poland with a view to better earnings, as well as increasing the current standard of living. For some, Poland appears as an asylum, and for others as a temporary place, because it cannot be concealed that also a large part of Ukrainians do their best to get to the West, i.e. the land of eternal happiness, also in the eyes of many Poles. How employees from Ukraine cope in our country in time off work, when you do not have to get up early and work full-time or overtime. 

Today we decided to take a closer look at the phenomena that unite all Ukrainians in their free time, although in practice there are not so many of them. After all, employees from the East want the best use of the time spent in Poland to get money. They work not only to satisfy their own needs, but also to help their loved ones who remained in Ukraine and often live in more than modest conditions.v

Holidays and work of Ukrainians in Poland

As you know, the majority of Ukrainian citizens are Orthodox. The Christmas Eve of Christmas is celebrated there on January 6, that is, at a time when Poles are long after Christmas, and on this day they worship the Magi who reach the manger of Jesus. So what do workers from Ukraine do? In a situation where most Poles celebrate Christmas? The ideas are different. Most of the production plants are not working at that time, and this is where the most Ukrainians are employed. So you can take a vacation or go to your loved ones, home, where you often spend time until the Ukrainian Christmas. However, for many workers from the East, lying on the cake during Polish holidays is unforgivable, because they actually get hold of every activity, as long as some extra cash falls into the budget. Savings are always savings, time cannot be wasted and every moment has to be used – this is usually the basic motto of a Ukrainian in Poland.

Away from home but with a positive attitude

Although most production plants during the Christmas season decide to close their doors, thus giving employees a lot of free days at the end of the year, we will also find those who want their work to continue uninterrupted and regardless of holidays and prevailing customs. In such factories and plants, workers from Ukraine are actually worth their weight in gold.

A Pole wants to have Christmas and is happy to leave his work station on December 23, and if possible, even earlier, and an employee from Ukraine will decide not only to work during the holiday season, but also to stay overtime for an additional bonus! Why is this happening? The fact that you can earn much more during holidays than on weekdays is only part of the explanation. In fact, the longing for their loved ones during the holidays, even not Orthodox ones, is so great for many that it is better to fully devote yourself to work, save extra money and come after a few months, in the middle of next year, in glory to home and family.

Casual activities for Ukrainians on the eve or during holidays

Having a lot of free time during our holidays, employees from Ukraine they spend time on a number of additional activities, so as not to stay in rented apartments or cramped rooms at stations. There are a lot of job offers in the press regarding extra-curricular activities, so there is nothing to complain about the possibility of finding a part-time job for a moment, a few hours or days. Ukrainians are not really afraid of any work. Girls are eager to be waitresses and helpers when unpacking goods in supermarkets. During snowstorms, men take care of removing snow from roofs and cleaning backyards. Some see no reluctance to step into the role of Santa Claus at a time when shopping malls are full of screaming kids just before Christmas. The worst thing is Christmas Eve alone, when feelings come to the fore and the closest ones are far away.

Orthodox holidays do not really differ much from the Catholic ones. Both here and there, everything is dealt with with affection and care for the memory of loved ones. And an empty seat at the table can crush even the hardest boulder. The money saved during the extra work allows our Ukrainian neighbors to save a little money for mundane needs, and also to make gifts for their loved ones for the holidays spent abroad. Not everyone in the load of duties can afford a long journey home, sometimes you have to limit yourself only to sending a parcel to your loved ones by post and postponing the celebration for an indefinite time. Work wins again, although the heart goes to the homeland. The life of a Ukrainian citizen in Poland is constantly torn apart.

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