German translator – how much does it cost?

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German translator – how much does it cost? How do I find a good German translator? This question is asked by many people who, for various reasons, have to use the services of a professional translating German. Even if someone knows a little German, he or she is forced to use the services of an experienced translator, because it is a requirement of, among others public institutions. In today’s article, we present a package of great tips for people looking for a German translation. We cordially invite you to read carefully!

How much do German translations cost? 

How much do you have to pay for professional German translations? The exact price of German translations depends on many different factors. One of the most important issues is the type of text that we have decided to have to translate. It is also natural that the length of the text provided by us is extremely important. For this purpose, the amount of text on A4 pages is verified. We will certainly pay much less for translating two pages of a very concise text than for translating a few hundred pages of specialist material.

However, it is worth remembering that the length is definitely not the only feature taken into account when pricing German translations. The content itself is also important, and therefore what kind of text we wanted to translate into German. Before we send a text for translation, let’s think about its subject matter. To be able to translate texts with advanced vocabulary, you must have professional knowledge in a given field. If, for example, we want to translate a court judgment with justification, it is necessary to look for a translator who can boast excellent knowledge of the legal provisions in Poland and Germany, and who is well versed in the intricacies of legal regulations in our country and in Germany.

The language used is also very important when evaluating a German translation. German or English translations are certainly the cheapest as they are the most popular languages. This is due to the fact that there are definitely the most people who translate German and English. More exotic languages ​​such as Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Lithuanian or Estonian are translated by much fewer people, which means that the price for this type of translation is correspondingly higher.

The final price for a German translation is also influenced by the date on which we would like to receive the ordered text. In a situation where time is very important and we want to receive the ordered text as soon as possible, then you have to take into account that you will have to pay a bit more for the German translation. On the other hand, if we can wait a bit longer, the translator will certainly be willing to slightly lower the price for preparing the translation.

A good German translator – how can you recognize him? 

A person carrying out a German translation should above all have sufficiently high linguistic qualifications. A good translator should be very familiar with the language, and his translation of German should be easy and fully natural. A professional translator is often unable to translate texts literally, because they must try to reproduce their meaning as well as possible to make it understandable for the reader.

An additional advantage of a person carrying out a German translation is having specialist knowledge in one specific field. The translation of court documents and various legal acts is entrusted to professional sworn translators. This is due to the fact that such documents cannot be translated to ordinary translators who are hardly aware of this type of subject. For various public institutions, translations of legal acts prepared by unqualified, average translators will be completely unacceptable.

A good translator must also have adequate work experience. After all, man learns throughout his life – this maxim applies especially to people who translate. You can’t know the language once and for all. You can learn new areas of a given language all the time that we had no idea about before. The longer a translator works with a given language, the more nuances they learn that less experienced translators may miss. The longer a translator works in his profession, the better the quality of his translations will be.

How to find a good translator?

The search for a good translator should start with a thorough search of industry portals. On various advertising portals on the Internet you can find a lot of offers from experienced translators. This is a great way to choose the best translator for whom we will have no doubts about the quality of the work performed. There are also a lot of professional translation agencies in Poland, which also advertise on the Internet. Before we use any translator’s offer, let’s also ask for the opinion of our friends.

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