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How to clean silver jewelry?

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How to clean silver jewelry? Silver jewelry is a great complement to any outfit. Silver, cubic zirconia earrings can light up the face, a classic, short chain emphasize the long neck, and an elegant bracelet accentuate a simple dress. It is good to have several sets of silver jewelry in your case that will suit different occasions. Unfortunately, silver is one of the materials that need special care. If the ring or earrings are not worn and cleaned regularly, they may develop a dark coating over time. 

What to do when silver jewelry turns black?Instead of giving silver for cleaning, it is worth learning how to properly care for it yourself and how to remove unsightly plaque. It is not difficult at all. Moreover, cleaning silver does not require specialized measures. Just a few popular products that can be found in every home.

Is a place where we can buy specialized products, but it is worth choosing an online store that we trust.

How is a deposit on silver jewelry formed?

At the very beginning, it should be clarified how the dark deposit on the silver actually forms. This is caused by sulfur dioxide, which, along with other pollutants, is in the air. Contact with air in jewelry causes oxidation and the deposition of an unsightly bloom on its surface. If silver jewelry is worn frequently, the sediment is constantly rubbed off the skin. However, if the ring or earrings remain in the box for a long time, the layer grows larger and it is necessary to clean it.

Prepared preparations for cleaning silver jewelry

Ready-made cleaning preparations can be purchased at jewelry salons or jewelry stores. While they are most effective, they are not always readily available. The price of some preparations is also quite high, so it is often better to use other means. It is worth noting that ready-made cleaning preparations are effective only for jewelry without additional elements, such as rhinestones or amber. If we have jewelry with ornaments, we must be careful with stones. Chemicals can damage it.

How to clean silver jewelery with stones?

It’s best to use toothpaste for this. The paste is completely safe for amber or cubic zirconia. The ingredients contained in the toothpaste clean silver from tarnish very well and give it a beautiful shine. However, remember to choose a paste that does not have any particles that could scratch the surface of the jewelry. It’s best to choose the most ordinary toothpaste without bleaching properties. For best results, clean your jewelry with a toothbrush. The fine bristles are perfect for cleaning various cavities. It is only worth remembering that the brush bristles are soft. If it is too hard, it may scratch the surface of the ornament. If there is little dirt, you can use an ordinary, slightly coarse cloth instead of a brush.

Cleaning silver with baking soda

Apart from toothpaste, there is another method that works very well, even with heavily soiled jewelry. Silver jewelry reacts very well to baking soda. Cleaning silver with it is quick and convenient, and the product itself is widely available and can be found in virtually every home. For cleaning you will need, next to baking soda, aluminum foil and a glass bowl. Put a foil on the bottom of the pan (the shiny side should be on the outside of the bowl). When the foil is in place, add one tablespoon of baking soda, put on the jewelry and pour hot water over the dish. Foam should appear on the surface of the water.Depending on the degree of soiling of the silver, jewelry should be kept in water for a few to several minutes. When you notice that the sediment has disappeared, remove the jewelry, rinse it and wipe it with a soft cloth. After this treatment, silver jewelry should look new and shine beautifully. This type of procedure should be repeated from time to time. Thanks to this, jewelry will always look beautiful. It is also worth wiping the jewelry from time to time with a special cloth for cleaning silver (the cloths can be purchased at most jewelry stores). It is worth noting that silver cleaning cloths are disposable. They cannot be washed because getting wet in water will make them lose their cleaning properties.

What to do when old silver jewelry is completely blackened?

In extreme cases, when the silver is old and there is practically no trace of its previous color and brilliance, you can slightly strengthen the baking soda solution. Then it belongs to the bowl with foil, baking soda and water in it, also add lemon juice and ordinary soap (preferably without oils or other additives). Jewelry dipped in the solution should stay there for about half an hour. After this time, remove it, rinse and dry it. If the effect is not satisfactory, repeat the action until it is successful. After a maximum of three attempts, the jewelry should return to its former splendor.


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