Myths about Canadian houses

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Myths about Canadian houses. In our country, Canadian houses, despite their many advantages, are still not very popular. They are more often built as summer houses than year-round houses. It is related to the deeply rooted belief that only brick houses are durable and safe, and only such a solution guarantees safety in one’s own four walls. Unfortunately, these opinions and beliefs are very wrong, because apart from many advantages , Canadian houses in Szczecin consume less money during their creation.

The first and most popular myth – Canadian houses are not suitable for our climate and are not durable

Nothing could be more wrong, contrary to popular belief, houses built of wood are not less resistant to the passage of time and weather conditions. This opinion most probably results from the lack of awareness about the development of tree-processing technology, and the use of technology in such construction sites. Currently, only the best raw materials are used for the construction of Canadian houses, i.e. wood of good quality and species, as well as measures protecting the whole structure against wind, sun and moisture, as well as preventing premature aging of the wood. In Poland, Canadian houses are most often made of spruce wood, spruce is an easily available material, showing appropriate strength and durability parameters.

Wood dedicated to the construction of Canadian houses should be seasoned. That is, stored in a way that allows drainage of moisture and free air circulation. After seasoning, the wood is processed with a planer and protective preparations, and then it is sent to the construction site.

The second myth, no less common, is that Canadian houses are not constructed carefully and properly

This myth is closely related to the first one, because according to some people, Canadian houses are built carelessly, so they need to be repaired faster, which is complete nonsense. The speed of building this type of houses consists only in the fact that there is no need to wait for the drying of individual brickwork elements. It is difficult to find professionals involved in the construction of Canadian houses in Poland, but it is not impossible. In Canadian houses, the key to success is to erect the entire structure correctly and to carry out the masonry work in the right way. If these elements are preserved, the Canadian house will serve you successfully for many years. Therefore, there is no need to save by choosing teams to build this type of buildings. It is best to decide to cooperate with experienced professionals,

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The third myth – related to thermal and acoustic parameters

Many people mistakenly claim that Canadian houses heat up quickly in summer, which makes them hard to withstand inside such buildings, while in winter they cool down and require a lot of money to heat the floor space. Although this is partially true, it is not entirely true that there is nothing you can do about it, because proper insulation and the use of materials allow for really good performance. In terms of technology, properly made Canadian houses are in no way inferior to brick houses in terms of thermal conditions. When it comes to interior acoustics, there is also the problem of using appropriate insulation in the rooms. A professional construction team will certainly know what to do,

Many myths related to Canadian houses result primarily from bad experiences and poorly selected technologies during construction. however, attention should be paid to the undeniable advantages of this type of construction. First of all, they are built very quickly with little financial outlay compared to traditional brick houses, because they require the use of less materials and are created in a shorter time, which means that the remuneration for the construction team is adequately lower than the time spent.

Secondly, they can be built at any time of the year. The only limitation when it comes to the time of year are the foundations, which should be bonded in a positive temperature, the whole frame of the building can be made even in winter, because when it is made, only wood and nails are needed for connection. Additionally, they are very energy-efficient and ecological. They are made of natural raw materials. Wood is an easily available material that is relatively cheap. Moreover, wooden materials ensure an appropriate microclimate for its inhabitants and enable any adaptation according to their needs.

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