Tailored suits – the dimension of a modern gentleman

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Tailored suits – the dimension of a modern gentleman. Elegance and chic. These two words can be used to describe those who know what they want from their own image. It is obvious that people today are judged primarily by what they wear. In the past, it was also a certain determinant: it is known that linen was worn by the poor, and the rich wore beautiful wool coats. We knew right away that we were dealing either with someone on a level or with someone who was not worth paying attention to. This statement is cruel, because many a peasant was smarter than a nobleman, but it has already become commonplace in our culture.

The outfit also became a kind of manifesto. If we refuse to put on a beautiful wedding dress, we only choose a tracksuit, both the officials and the priest will wonder what we want to communicate in this way. Maybe we are not taking the sacrament of marriage seriously? Maybe we don’t care what other people think? Maybe we break conventions and want to show that not everyone can afford a dress. The reasons behind this may be really different. However, when we go to certain places and under certain circumstances, we always have to be spooky. For this reason, tailor-made suits are ordered, intended for people who want to make a good impression.

The first situation in which it is worth having a beautiful and tasteful suit is, of course, our own wedding. It is logical that the groom should feel comfortable in his own clothes and at the same time look dignified not to embarrass his half. This is also how he presents himself to the guests, showing himself as a person who knows what he wants from his own style. A wedding suit must fit perfectly and you cannot save on it. It will be useful later on for some other occasions (although theoretically savoir vivre would probably have something to say about wearing a wedding suit on an occasion other than your own wedding). It must also match the bride’s dress, not only in color, but also in cut. After all, we want this day to be wonderful for us. If we were to see a nightmare later in the pictures, we would rather not have anything to show the children later (and if anything, it would probably only be for them to laugh at their parents). Anyway, tailor-made suits are very often made precisely for weddings.

Another situation in which we need tailored suits is, of course, First Holy Communion. Although children usually wear albs, we can later dress them in a small suit specially prepared for them. Young gentlemen look so beautiful in them that absolutely everyone will be moved. In addition, such an outfit will be very useful later in school. The only drawback of this solution is that the child will grow out of a similar suit rather quickly. On the other hand, it may be useful for our next descendant, and we can also give it to a family that will need it more than we do. In this regard, the choice is ours. It is definitely worth having an additional tailor-made suit for a child. All kinds of appeals and the beginning and end of the year must be honored. We want to be parents.

Tailored suits are also useful for work. If we work at a high level, we are expected to have the appropriate attire. After all, we cannot go to a business meeting wearing only light formal attire. We would be treated like people who are not serious about their business. Savoir vivre expects us to create style every time we are serious about growing our business. So, naturally, directors, presidents and managers must have a tailored suit in their wardrobe. The disadvantage of this solution is that we cannot gain weight, but on the other hand, it’s better for our health.

Tailored suits, as you can see, will be useful for any occasion. We can go to someone else’s wedding, visit extended family during dinner, go to an important conference. It does not make a man, but it is nice to see a person who approaches the matter with full care. That is why having a tailored suit is the hallmark of a modern gentleman. However, we need to specify exactly at the tailor what we expect, it is also worth seeing his portfolio and reviewing the previously made outfits. It’s also always a good idea to browse the internet and find out what feedback people are leaving for specific people. We can also ask questions, go to try-ons, submit comments. The only problem is that we cannot advertise a tailor-made suit, because we are, however, up-to-date with the entire “production” process. Inevitably, it would be very unprofitable for tailors, if this could be done, someone would simply put on a suit once and then demand the return of considerable money. The most important thing, however, is that we feel good in this outfit and that we present ourselves as best as possible!

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