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Wallpapers. What do they apply?

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Wallpapers. What do they apply? We often come across questions as to whether wall wallpapers can be used on the ceiling. This option is perfectly acceptable, but it is not used very often. Such a solution is usually chosen by home and apartment owners striving for originality and fond of unconventional solutions in the field of interior design and decoration.

Covering the ceiling with a wall mural depicting the cosmos, planets and the Milky Way, Little Dipper or Big Dipper certainly stimulates the imagination and makes us feel magical in such a place. As you can see, you can have the stars above you even on a starless night outside. Wallpaper applied to the ceiling can be a great method of preventing the plaster from crumbling. If we don’t want so that various unsightly scratches and cracks are visible on the ceiling – we can camouflage everything with wallpaper. Laying wallpaper on the ceiling requires great skill and accuracy, because it is a job in slightly more difficult conditions than decorating vertical walls.

Paintable wallpaper

A very interesting technical and manual solution are wallpapers encouraging all of us to our own creativity. They are especially recommended for children’s rooms, for children who like painting, drawing and all kinds of activities with art equipment. Such wall murals will provide our youngest with a whole lot of joy, because they can be used for any artistic talents. And don’t worry that your mother will scream behind the painted walls. The layers of wallpaper that can be painted are so solid and durable that with the use of cleaning agents, any plastic trace can be efficiently, quickly and permanently removed. After such wallpapers you can paint with classic watercolor paints, as well as posters. The child can pick up dry and oil pastels as well as various felt-tip pens. let the wallpaper dry for one day, and then think about the next stages of the game.

Can wallpaper make a room appear optically larger?

Yes of course! Wall wallpapers are actually their main task to enlarge our interiors in the eyes, although these are just tricks. This is why it is recommended to use wallpapers with various geometric motifs presented in perspective for smaller spaces, to give the impression of an optical illusion. The most important thing is that the graphic elements, whatever it may be, are presented in perspective, with all their depth and natural scaling. Multi-colored wallpapers that will enlarge the room may take the form of, among others:

– landscape (e.g. the perspective of a park, a line of trees, a mountain landscape)

– geometric (eg compositions referring to the art of op – art, as well as cubism and abstract works

– photographic (e.g. wall mural in the form of a shelf with preserves, intended for the kitchen or wallpaper with wines placed on the shelves of shelves)

– futuristic (e.g. black and white or color tunnel, sinking into the depth at the center point of the composition)

What wallpapers can you still choose?

When we find that we are not interested in a wallpaper that optically enlarges our room, or wallpaper that can be painted, we will have to look around among other proposals. The most demanding consumer group when it comes to wall murals are teenagers and people between the ages of 20 and 25. Young people pay close attention to the colors and graphic motifs on the wallpapers, they are not able to settle for just anything. Fortunately, the assortment of wallpaper stores is so extensive that in most cases, after a long and tedious search, you finally manage to find something closest to your needs and tastes. The most popular among young people are wallpapers with animated motifs, in a style similar to the graphic style present in comics and computer games.

Tips for wallpapering beginners

The first approach to papering a wall is always a real challenge. The type of wallpaper we choose from the technical side will be of great importance for the quality of the entire project. It is recommended to use wallpaper of medium thickness, applying too thin wallpaper at the first approach to this activity can be a real torment for us, especially if we also choose the wrong glue. If we do not feel very confident in the topic, it will always be better to ask someone from the family who already has more experience in renovation works and will show us not only which wallpapers are easiest to apply on the walls, but also what glue to use so as not to tire later with bulges on the walls and troublesome air bubbles. It is definitely worth paying attention to that it is easier to wallpapen rooms in two people than alone. Work is going more efficiently and you can also secure each other if necessary.

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