When is it necessary to use a tow truck?

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When is it necessary to use a tow truck? The tow truck is one of the most popular breakdown vehicles. Thanks to it, a car damaged after an accident or a vehicle that has broken down can be safely transported to the workshop. The tow truck in Szczecin is also used in other cases, not necessarily in situations related to a breakdown or cullet. Transporting a motorcycle on a tow truck in the off-season is quite common. This type of transport is also eagerly used by people who, for various reasons, whether economic, legal or logistic, cannot move the vehicle on wheels.

What do the regulations on using a tow truck say?

A tow truck is a vehicle with a permanently attached platform – a tow truck, used to transport other vehicles. In order to drive it, you do not need to meet any special requirements, an ordinary category B driving license is enough. However, this rule is, as is often the case, an exception. If the weight of the tow truck with loading exceeds 3500 kg, then in order to transport the tow truck in accordance with the regulations, the driver will have to be C1 category.

Usually, a tow truck is a very often chosen means of transport by people who distribute cars imported from abroad in Poland. Their running would be very unprofitable, as it would require expensive registration, up-to-date technical inspections and insurance. When we rent a tow truck, we don’t have to worry about this type of thing. If you bring cars regularly, perhaps a good idea is to lease a tow truck. Road traffic regulations allow many drivers to move a tow truck on their own, which is why the offers of renting a tow truck without a driver are very popular. If you are going on the path of your servant, and you want to come back right away, this is the best solution. Thanks to this, you will not be dependent on the time of any driver who would have to adjust the service for you to his schedule.

Hiring a tow truck is simple

Often, many companies offering transport services have attractive discounts and rebates for customers who often rent tow trucks. Thanks to this, we are dealing with mutual benefits, because the company gains the trust and loyalty of regular customers, while they can enjoy savings. Often, a deposit is collected from the client who rents a tow truck, and the fee depends on such factors as the rental period of the tow truck, the weight of the load or the number of kilometers traveled.

The equipment of the tow truck itself is also important, because you have to reckon with the fact that the more luxurious it is, the higher the price. Many companies offer to deliver the tow truck to the place designated by the customer, who will then be able to use it at the most convenient time. Before you decide to order this type of service, find out what are the differences between a tow truck and a tow truck. Many people think that these are two names for the same vehicle, but this is not true. A tow truck is just a kind of trailer. A car with a tow truck can be driven by a person with a B + E driving license. The tow truck is a whole, however, because it is a vehicle that has a built-in platform for the cable of cars, motorcycles, agricultural or construction machinery. Driving it is more economical, because a regular tow truck causes greater fuel consumption in the towing car.

Safe transport of a car on a tow truck

In order that the vehicle placed on the trailer does not pose a threat to anyone, make sure that the load is evenly balanced. It will be necessary to fasten all four wheels with special straps. Any safety belts should be fastened in such a way that they do not fly in the wind while driving. Mounting the car on a tow truck should be done with the help of a few people. The car should be placed on the platform as symmetrically as possible to avoid overbalancing the load to one side.

A properly marked tow truck should have a traffic light turned on. To be sure that you comply with all the rules related to moving the tow truck with loading, refer to the code or ask for detailed instructions from an employee of the company dealing with renting the tow truck. If you want to import cars from abroad, you will certainly use the tow truck often. It will also be necessary for people who rent agricultural or construction machinery. Moving them on some roads is not allowed, moreover, it is very slow, which is why it is often much more profitable to transport them on a tow truck. However, you must remember to properly secure each load that we will transport, because the vehicle sliding off the tow truck may cause a deadly threat on the road.

If you want to rent a tow truck, make sure to use a trusted and proven point that offers transport services. You certainly do not want to transport a new car or a dangerous machine on a cheap tow truck rented in a suspicious place, which requires renovation or may break down at any time.

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