Kiedy warto udać się do psychologa?

When is it worth going to a psychologist?

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When is it worth going to a psychologist? We live in times when our mind is overloaded with countless stimuli and in which problems and emotions often overwhelm us, leaving damage accumulating in the psyche. Fortunately, there are specialists who can help us. What are the signs that we may need psychological counseling?

Who is a psychologist?

It is worth distinguishing a psychologist from a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, clinical depression or severe personality disorders. He has in his repertoire pharmacological agents that are often used as a last resort when normal therapy fails. A psychologist is a person who, through therapy and conversation, can help us understand ourselves, the motives of our behavior and feelings.

He is a specialist in the human soul who will patiently listen to our dilemmas and with full kindness help us solve any emotional problems or allow us to feel better about ourselves. There are many trends in psychotherapy, each focusing on slightly different problems and needs of their clients. When is it worth going to a psychological consultation? Here are some signs that should worry us.

  1. Chronically depressive mood.

Everyone has sad and worst moments, and there is nothing disturbing about it. However, if sadness and hopelessness flood us with a real wave that does not end for several weeks or months, but even increases and worsens our daily functioning, keeps us awake at night and takes away our appetite – we should check it with a psychologist.

  1. Repeated quarrels and relationship problems.

If we feel that we are unable to cope with relationships with loved ones, participate in notoriously repeated quarrels that fuel a mutual spiral of aggression, we do not understand the needs and emotions of people around us, we feel lost, we are overwhelmed by the fear of making new friends – these are signs that it is worthwhile go for help.

  1. Problems in romantic relationships.

Not every breakup is a reason to go to a psychologist right away. However, if we see a certain repetition in our relationships, which end in disaster all the time, if we keep looking for the same ideal and each time we are disappointed or unable to trust our partner – talking to a psychologist could help us understand why this is happening.

  1. Returning past.

When some memories disturb us, disturb or block our functioning, when we are constantly haunted by nightmares and attacks of irrational anxiety or panic – a psychologist will help us accept and understand the past.

  1. Self-destructive behavior and suicidal thoughts.

If we have experienced situations in which we have consciously caused our own harm, we feel pain, both physical and mental, resulting from the lack of self-acceptance, or we are haunted by a sense of the nonsense of our own existence, a psychological intervention is necessary.

Going to a psychologist is not a reason to be ashamed, but the greatest expression of respect and love for yourself. Just as a doctor relieves the suffering of the body, a psychologist deals with the ills of our mind, pulling his patients out of even the biggest pits and showing them what to do to feel relief and happiness from problems that none of them are condemned to.

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