Dlaczego warto wziąć udział w imprezie integracyjnej?

Why is it worth taking part in an integration event?

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Why is it worth taking part in an integration event? The integration event is the easiest way to get to know each other better, but not everyone is very enthusiastic about it. Although integration meetings in most cases are associated with all-night partying, this is not always the case. Currently, employers make sure that their employees get to know each other in a nice and cultural atmosphere. Today we will tell you about the main purpose of team-building events and their advantages and disadvantages – we invite you on!

What is an integration event?

As the name suggests, a team-building event is a kind of meeting or trip for a group of people who work for one employer or work in one department of a large enterprise.

The duration of such an event is determined in advance by the employer, with the agreement of the employees employed by him. An “integration event” can be, for example, a joint trip to a club or restaurant, or a trip for several days. The whole meeting can be thematic or optional, it all really depends on the creativity of the interested parties.

What is the purpose of integration events?

The main purpose and idea for which the integration events were created is to improve relations between employees. Working in a team between whose members there is a tense atmosphere and the relations are not very friendly, it has a negative impact on the functioning of the entire company. Inefficient performance of duties, constant disputes and misunderstandings result in a reduction of obtained profits. Recent statistical surveys have only confirmed the theory that companies bring the greatest profits only when there are good relations between employees, they are well-coordinated and willing to help each other.

You’ve just found a job in a new place and your supervisor suggested you take part in an integration event, but you still have doubts and wonder if it’s worth it? Of course! This is one of the best ways to get to know the rest of the workforce. At the meeting, you will meet both those newly hired and those with several years of experience. Having fun and talks together will certainly make it easier for you to adapt to the new working conditions and relax the official atmosphere.

Who deals with the organization of integration events?

Integration meetings are usually organized by a person authorized by the owner of the enterprise. As a rule, it is an employee of the Public Relations (PR) department who is responsible for the good image of the company. When it comes to smaller companies, this task is handled by the employer or employees.

Regardless of the position in which the person responsible for organizing the integration event works, he or she can plan it on their own or use the help of a professional company. Where to look for such companies? The easiest way is to use the help of an internet search engine, currently there are many event agencies on the Polish market that offer the service of organizing meetings and integration trips. The cost of such a service varies and depends, among others, on on the type of the integration event, its duration, theme, number of participants, attractions, etc. The total costs of the integration event are borne not by the employees but by the company (employer, enterprise).

Integration event or integration trip?

What is better? What is more profitable? Everything is for people, the nature of the integration event largely depends on the participants themselves. Young employees willingly decide to go out in a fashionable club or go to the mountains or the seaside for a few days.

More mature people, on the other hand, choose much calmer meetings and trips based on sightseeing together, eating meals and participating in entertainment such as going to the cinema, playing bowling or billiards. However, recently “planned” integration events, ie those with a predefined theme, have been very popular. The organization of this type of games is primarily the responsibility of event agencies.

Remember, if you don’t feel like attending an employee event, no one can force you to attend it. Participation is voluntary. Despite the main goal of team-building events, not everyone is eager to approach this idea. Although the opinions about this type of employee integration are mostly positive, there are also negative ones. Unprofessional and inappropriate planning of an integration event brings more harm than good. This is especially true for events where a large amount of alcohol and other drugs are present. Then, instead of loosening the tense atmosphere, there are numerous verbal skirmishes and various types of misunderstandings, as a result of which the employees, after returning to become a harmonious team, look at each other like a wolf.

Integration events should therefore take place in a friendly and cultural atmosphere, with the mutual consent of all participating participants.

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