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Wooden windows

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Hello, if you are here, you are certainly interested in window joinery, because we professionally define the wooden window frame that supports the glass, thanks to which we look at the world. Recently, I found myself in a situation where I simply needed such knowledge, because I inherited my grandmother’s house, which had wooden windows, and I was simply forced to take care of the leaks and improve their appearance so that they would not scare passersby.

Due to the fact that it is often recommended to hire companies until the renovation stage, and the effect I have obtained is quite satisfactory, I decided that I will share my experiences with you, dear reader, and I hope that my advice will be helpful. Yes, so I invite you to read. At the beginning I will start with the fact that renovation work should be started when it is warm, First of all, windows must be open, we will dismantle them and additionally they will be devoid of a protective coating, so they will be exposed to weather conditions that could hinder our work or completely spoil the effect of a job well done. We also choose warm days for the start, check the weather and, if possible, collect tools for work. We will need: wire brushes, sandpaper (I recommend a few larger and larger gradations), brushes, compressed air, a screwdriver or a screwdriver.

We can start work by looking at the window, let’s focus on its current condition, because, unfortunately, not every window will be suitable for renovation. In my case, I had to replace one whole window, because the wood was decayed and it was possible to replace the entire beam of the frame, but the rest of the window had a lot of bark beetle marks, so the whole window frame was actually eaten. So if the wood in the window is decayed, damaged by pests or shows signs of their existence, I would recommend replacing the entire window. The next step in the ladder of difficulty will be fungi, in my case they attacked the windows that were on the upper floor of the house because those rooms were poorly ventilated. Unfortunately, the lack of adequate ventilation and heating means that mold grows very quickly and attacks not only windows, but also walls, furniture, and literally everything. Also here, attention to the future, let’s take care of heating the house or flat and ventilate the room.

Certainly, our windows will live longer and additionally it will have a positive effect on our health. Back to my mold-infested window. After inspecting all the windows and making a shopping list, I went to the store for the above-mentioned materials and asked for a measure to combat mold in wood. The shop staff suggested a suitable preparation. Its application is very simple, you should spray the surface once in the morning and once in the evening, but remember that you must not stay indoors, because this agent is highly irritating and poisonous to living organisms. It’s quite logical, isn’t it? After all, it is supposed to kill the fungi that attack our windows and walls.

We should not forget to take animals from the whole apartment or house, because the measure can harm them the most, I think that I do not have to comment on children. Ok, once we get rid of the mold, this treatment takes several days, everything is described in the leaflet and, in addition, depends on the degree of development of this mold. We already have nice healthy wood, now we can start the first stage of work, i.e. cleaning. All nooks and crannies should be thoroughly cleaned and the old coating removed with paper or a wire brush. The more precisely we do it, the better, in my opinion it is better not to use grinders if we are not experienced in using them, because we can damage something a bit. After cleaning the wood, clean all metal hardware and window handles. We remember about hinges and about safe work. I mean using a dust mask, and if we use a grinder, we also remember about glasses. If we notice any defects in our wood, and it is quite possible, I had a loss in almost every window, it is necessary to fill the damage with a carpentry putty, and then sand the surface to an even surface. Then we dedust the entire frame with compressed air.

We must perform this stage very carefully, because if we do not do it, the dust remaining in the gaps in the wooden window frame will make maintenance difficult. We impregnate the cleaned windows with the agents recommended by the shop staff. I specifically do not write product names here, as they may differ depending on the assortment of a given store. During maintenance, remember about penances and window handles. It may happen that the glass in our window is damaged, then it is good to have a glazier replaced and ask for new, multigrade gaskets to be installed, which will improve the thermal insulation of the room. And that’s about it now we can reassemble the window to its original state and enjoy the well-preserved windows. I thank you for the time and attention devoted to this article and good luck in your work.

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