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Covers and cases for the phone – overview

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Covers and cases for the phone – overview Modern smartphones are exceptionally innovative devices that allow you to watch movies, use the Internet, take photos or record videos. However, at the same time, they are also delicate devices that are easy to damage. For this reason, it is worth investing in a suitable phone case or other type of protection that will protect the smartphone display from mechanical damage. Below is a list of the most popular covers and cases, along with tips on which phone case will work best in a given situation.

Slip-on phone case

This type of case is usually made of fabric, felt, sometimes leather or leather-like material. Its design is reminiscent of a purse. Most often, the “slide” is additionally secured with a zipper, hooks or Velcro. Thanks to this, the phone will not slip out of it. These types of covers are dedicated to people who rarely use the phone and do not check notifications or e-mails all the time, because the phone must be removed from the cover each time, which is inconvenient.

This type of case protects the phone screen well against scratches, so we do not have to worry about the fact that the phone is in a bag or pocket with keys or other hard, sharp objects. However, unfortunately, the cover, even of thick material, will not be able to absorb the impact of the smartphone on the floor.

Hard case / bumper phone case

These types of covers are mainly aimed at protecting the back of the phone and its sides. They are made of various materials, ranging from silicone, ending with aluminum and polycarbonate. People who want to have the best and most durable cases should choose polycarbonate covers. Thanks to the side protection, the phone is adequately protected against breakage when falling and bumping the corner, but its screen is still exposed to damage or scratching. However, you can deal with this problem by purchasing a display protection only in the form of a foil for a phone or tempered glass. Hardcase or bumper covers are recommended, above all, to people who cannot replace the phone casing (this happens mainly in the latest smartphone models).

Phone case with a flap

An elegant cover with a flap, made of natural or ecological leather, are the types of choice for people working in corporations where a professional appearance is required. Cases of this type are durable, they protect the phone well in the event of a fall (the thick, hard material absorbs the impact force). However, the problem may be that notebook-style flip covers do not protect the phone from crumbs, sand or other particles, so the phone should always be in a clean place or be cleaned regularly.

Some models of the flip case have an additional cut-out and protected with a transparent foil window, making it easier and faster to check the time and notifications on the screen. The most modern cases have an electronic system inside that connects to the phone and informs the smartphone owner about the time or message via the LED display. It also allows you to answer calls or turn off the alarm without opening the cover. Unfortunately, these types of covers are expensive and still struggle with many technological problems.

Wrist phone case

Physically active people who run, exercise in the gym or ride a bike need a different type of case. One that will not disturb you during training, but at the same time you can comfortably use the phone and, for example, enable a playlist of your favorite songs. The most frequently chosen types of covers are: shoulder or belt cases. The case placed on the belt is more convenient to use, while the case on the shoulder is much better for exercises that include bending or squatting. It is worth buying a cover, which is made of neoprene. The material is pleasant to the touch and allows air to pass through, so the leather on the arm will not sweat.

Bicycle phone case

In the case of a bicycle phone case, it is worth making sure that the cover is durable, but not hard, as in the case of covers with car holders, because car covers are not adapted to riding on uneven terrain. Grips for the handlebar or bicycle frame can be unreliable and it may happen that the phone slips out of it. Then it is good to have a decent protection in the form of a solid case that protects the display and sides of the phone.

Unfortunately, many models of bicycle covers only protect the back and sides of the phone, but you can solve this problem by installing a tempered glass protection on the display. Rather, you shouldn’t use a protective film as it won’t protect your phone as well as glass does when it falls. Even if you do not plan mountain bike trips, it is worth investing in a waterproof cover. It will come in handy when rain surprises us while driving.

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