The role of Facebook as an information tool

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The role of Facebook as an information tool. From the moment the global Internet slowly began to creep into thatched roofs, the way we obtain information in it has changed significantly. Of course, the search engine remains the most popular place, but social media is also growing in strength. The best example is the largest site. More than one website or store owner has found out about the great power of marketing on Facebook . The influence of the community on the audience is appreciated more and more by journalists of news portals.

Information yesterday and today

Initially, the way of delivering information on the web was very simple: it was enough to put it on the website and promote the name of the site well. Visits on the “main” page ensured that if the content turned out to be interesting for a given reader, he would later visit several other subpages. At first, the names of the pages were sent out by word of mouth via the oral route. Later, banner campaigns and link exchanges came into play.

The next step was to share interesting articles via instant messaging in the network of friends. Along the way, RSS technology came to the fore, which allowed the site administrator to create a source of news added by the reader to a special reader, also available in the mobile version. The next stop was to use Facebook marketing, allowing for instant sharing of links among a large group of potential recipients of the target content.

Do we read anything besides Facebook?

It seems that a large group of internet users get information on everything – from politics to local news to celebrity rumors – only from social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are in the lead. They are by far the largest social networking site on the Internet. Thus, skilfully conducted marketing on Facebook opens many doors, especially to those people who do not use any other sources where it is possible to read news. More and more people – despite knowing the names of interesting websites – do not make direct entries, consisting in entering the address in the browser bar. Traffic from social networks in some cases may be greater than that recorded from search engines.

Good advertising strategy

In order not to fall into the ever-expanding sea of ​​other websites, the publisher must ensure efficient advertising activities. In the old days, it would be primarily sending good mailing, creating an engaging banner campaign and establishing barter cooperation in the exchange of links between the parties. Today, these are primarily SEO activities, i.e. Google positioning, as well as Facebook marketing, i.e. building an image among the wider community.

Each of these areas is dealt with by specialized agencies, supporting website administrators. Of course, you can do these activities yourself, but they may turn out to be insufficient or even ineffective. Of course, the main feature of content creator marketing is that all activities related to it are very time-consuming. As a result, it may turn out that there is not enough time to create new, comprehensive and engaging content. Separating a budget for positioning is therefore almost a necessity, and running a fanpage is a big sacrifice.

Who are we not reaching on Facebook?

There is also a certain target group that is in vain to be found among people permanently logged in to the largest social networking site. Marketing on Facebook will certainly not work for busy people who spend a small amount of time on the Internet in a thoughtful way. It is very likely that we will not find advanced users there, although the situation is not entirely clear here. There is also a trend of “unsubscribing from Facebook” in response to a very aggressive privacy policy and extensive interference by the website in confidential data collected for each of the accounts set up on the portal. These are people who are usually incredibly aware and able to navigate the web very efficiently, in a way “resistant” to traditional forms of advertising activities.

The times when it was enough to create good content and publish it in a well-read place are long gone. So that it does not get lost in the sea of ​​other information and has a chance to reach the widest possible audience, you also need to take care of several other aspects related to the existence of the article. Coming up with a great form of promotion in social media is a very important activity that should be entrusted to a person specializing in marketing on Facebook. This guarantees that you will get greater reach, likes and shares. Often, redirecting traffic from social media becomes the main source of unique page views, so it is not worth neglecting activities in the community. Facebook is currently appearing not only in the form of a website dedicated to private life and entertainment, but above all as an important information medium that a large group of recipients treats as the main source of information.

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