Zaprojektuj dom w stylu boho!

Design a home in the style of a boho!

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Design a home in the style of a boho! Have you always dreamed of living in Asia or South America? Do you want to arrange your apartment so that you can feel the atmosphere of colorful streets full of noise? Or maybe you are bored with the ubiquitous minimalist interiors and, contrary to fashion, you want to decorate your apartment eccentrically? Boho style is the answer to all these questions! Its unique charm will surely delight sentimental souls longing for travel.

Seemingly kitschy, but keeping a certain pattern and order. It is a style with which interior design will become an adventure, and by letting your imagination run wild, you will wake up your child.

How was boho created?

The name of the style comes from the word la boheme, which describes the artistic environment – the so-called Bohemia. The members of the group spent their time mainly creating and playing, not identifying themselves with rigid social norms and materialistic stagnation. The boho style is like bohemian, it focuses on freedom in action and an alternative, and finds its greatest influence in ethnic and oriental motifs.

Boho interiors have an element of magic, anyone who has stayed in them at least once will surely confirm that they felt at ease and that the surroundings were unique. Despite the vivid and contrasting colors, even those who value peace will find a cozy atmosphere in bohemia. Designing a boho interior is like completing a coloring with a felt-tip pen, but we will use a different color in each empty space.

Never hide travel souvenirs again

Boho loves a colorful mix, even if each piece comes from a different corner of the world and seemingly doesn’t fit in with the rest. This is a style in which we must learn to mix in order to achieve satisfactory results. We bring souvenirs from each trip, but so far we had nowhere to display them, because it seemed to us that interior design is not “gathering”? Let’s fix this error and put all the motley plates, bedspreads, photos in frames, and figures with interesting shapes on the furniture. The words “artistic disorder” fit perfectly with the boho. Plant lovers will also be pleased, because colorful interiors are best balanced with greenery! There are no limits – the more plants, the better. Let’s start going to the flea market if we want to furnish an apartment at a low cost. We can save a lot of furniture from a tragic end, and our place will only gain character.

How do you know if boho suits you?

The quickest way to make sure that boho is something you feel best about is to do a simple test:

      • We can’t decide which color is our favorite.
      • We treat bedspreads and colorful carpets with reverence and respect, and the floor slowly becomes invisible.
      • We have more plants than furniture.
      • We dream that all the lamps in the houses would turn into lanterns.
      • Each bed is covered with a huge amount of pillows.
      • We have a hard time finding anything at home with a smooth texture and a solid shade.
      • We know what macrame is.
      • The perfect bed should have a canopy!
      • We do not care that bead curtains were fashionable in the People’s Republic of Poland and we still have them instead of a door in one of the rooms.
      • When visiting a minimalist apartment of a friend, we wonder “how does he fit there ?!”

If we can identify with most of these sentences then the boho style is definitely for us.

How to start a boho interior design ?

First of all, it should be remembered that bohemia is associated with energy coming from nature and this should be guided by when choosing furniture and accessories. We do not have to be hindered by the different origins of objects, it will even be an advantage, because the contrast will only emphasize the joy flowing from the inside.

The colors we will paint our apartment with should be associated with Arab streets and African tribal costumes. Wallpapers with symmetrical patterns or floral motifs will also fit well. Pictures are welcome, they look interesting when the whole wall is separated and arranged next to each other like a puzzle.

Rattan furniture, soft sofas, pouffes and huge cushions will work great. After all, a boho-style space is associated with relaxation. We can cover the floor made of wooden boards here and there with a woven carpet. A table with a glass top and mirrors can add modernity to the interior, moreover, they will reflect the light and optically enlarge the room.

To combine these elements into a coherent whole and give them some of our character, it is worth using family souvenirs as finishing touches. Let old photographs be restored and frame them in interesting frames, or take an old piece of furniture from your grandmother’s basement and put it in the living room. Your friends will be impressed by hand-woven macramé in which we will put pots – these are just a few knots. Interior design is also a time to emphasize our ethnic origin, because folk costumes can become an inspiration to create interesting graphics and tablecloths.

There are no ideas and we have an undeveloped corner in the room? Let’s visit designer blogs and browse catalogs of furniture stores. By typing #boho in the Instagram search engine, you will discover a never-ending mine of inspiring photos. People boast about colorful interiors without hesitation, watching them will be a good idea.

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