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Front door

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Front door. Both the front door and those inside the house are an important aspect. However, to talk about looking for a door inside the house, you first need to think about the external ones, thanks to which we can get to it at all. There are many conditions that they should meet, but the most important is the price.

The prices of external doors range from a few hundred zlotys to even several thousand zlotys, this is a considerable range, but it all depends on the manufacturer we choose, it is known that the more famous the manufacturer and brand, the higher the price. Another aspect is their durability and material. The more durable, the more expensive and durable. There are doors made of various types of materials on the market, ranging from steel to aluminum. However, the steel ones are unrivaled on the market due to their durability and good price. Their frame is usually made of wood or sheet metal.

They can be finished with veneers or paints. Steel exit doors usually cannot be insulated due to the high heat transfer coefficient. Plastic doors are similar to steel doors, but differ in that they have a PVC door frame. The next ones are PVC entrance doors, they are durable and have good parameters. They are very cheap, but also durable, which proves that cheap does not mean bad. You can match them with windows or roller blinds. Another example is wooden doors, when deciding on such a solution, we must take into account the costs that we will incur, because wood is expensive. Also like the previous one, it has good thermal parameters. Another is the aluminum ones, they are even more expensive than wooden doors. Their frame and casing are covered with aluminum. They are quite cold and have low parameters.

However, they can have very good thermal insulation parameters. They are quite extensive. It is also worth considering the shape of the door, whether we want rectangular or other shapes. It is also worth knowing the construction of the door, it will greatly facilitate their selection and purchase. The door consists of a frame, a leaf and a threshold. The door leaf may have a different structure: plate or panel. As the name suggests, the tile structure is made of tiles, the important thing is that they are thick and thus retain heat. The paneled wing differs in that it also has a frame, but divided into smaller parts, which are filled with panels. These doors will look nice, but not functional and practical. The threshold is usually made of aluminum or steel. A solid wood threshold is used in classic solutions.

There should be seals around the perimeter of the leaf. Seals are made of foamed rubber. Another interesting solution are drop-down seals, which fill the gap under the leaf when the door is closed. External doors should be characterized by: warmth, durability and tightness. Doors that are currently fashionable have a multi-layer structure. Therefore, entrance doors that are thick and strong are good. In the coming years, the requirements for insulation will become more and more demanding. The door’s water-tightness class is between 3 and 4. They should have at least 2 seals. Thick doors filled with insulating material will be silent and will mute any noise from the outside. Good-quality doors should have at least class 5 of mechanical durability. When choosing a door, you need to consider what size you want it to be, there are many different types on the market, it all depends on the size of the door frame and the size of the house. They probably cannot be small because we bring furniture and other articles through them.

Therefore, it has been assumed that the entrance door should be at least 90 cm wide and 200 cm high. It is also necessary for the wall to have a margin of 10 cm both ways, i.e. a width of at least 100 cm and a height of 210 cm. The most functional are double-leaf doors. Usually their dimensions are 90 × 40. It is very advantageous that one door leaf opens so that it can be opened and bulky items can be brought in.

Doors with a glazed element are fashionable now, but it is worth bearing in mind that good functioning should be above all else, fashion and current trends come second. It is worth considering the security door, whether it will be a good solution for us and, above all, safe. Anti-burglary doors with 3rd or 4th anti-burglary class work best. What is very original about this solution is that during the first 20 minutes, when a burglar tries to pick something at the door, they resist. Such doors are recommended to be certified by the institute of mechanics. The anti-theft doors are made of steel and are additionally reinforced. The door leaf should be double-covered with two metal sheets, which makes it impossible to cut an opening. Burglar-proof doors cannot be broken due to their high strength. It is also worth equipping the door with a double lock for even greater security. The first lock is mounted at three points along the perimeter at an appropriate distance.

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