Holidays in Sardinia – what is worth knowing?

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Holidays in Sardinia – what is worth knowing? Planning a proper rest after a hard year of work is very important for each of us. Recently, a destination recommended by many travel agencies for a dream vacation is Sardinia, which is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, administratively owned by Italy. There is a Mediterranean climate, and most of the islands are covered with mountains and plateaus.

The great advantage of the island is as many as 300 sunny days a year. More and more often, a large number of Polish families spend their holidays in Sardinia, most of whom declare their willingness to return. Travel is organized by many offices, and some of them have chosen to specialize in planning holidays on this amazing island.

Should I take my children on vacation in Sardinia ?

The island is a place that is perfect for family holidays. Mainly due to the beautiful sandy beaches with a very gentle and shallow bottom at a considerable distance from the sea. The offer of offices you can get acquainted with the recommended beaches for families with small children, including beaches in the area of ​​Chia, Villasimius and Porto Taverna. The villages are prepared to welcome tourists, often offering the rental of deck chairs, umbrellas, cafes and bars.

The beaches are safe as they are protected by professional lifeguards. The seaside landscape is very natural, which will allow the whole family to breathe fully, relax and regain strength for the whole year. Many hotels and holiday organizers offer other interesting attractions for children, e.g. some have special water play fingers with many inflatable elements on which children can swim, play and sunbathe. We will also find here various playgrounds with classic swings and slides. Older children will also not be bored, because all kinds of water sports can be practiced on the island. Diving courses are dedicated to seekers of unusual sensations.

What kind of cuisine will we meet on vacation in Sardinia ?

Sardinia, apart from many tourist attractions, will welcome us with exceptionally delicious food. It is considered a culinary paradise on earth by many art experts. Local specialties will satisfy the taste of not only traditionalists, but also vegetarians, vegans and those on a gluten-free diet. The main delicacies are seafood, roast meat, lobster and fish served in exceptionally atmospheric and charming restaurants, many of which are located directly on the beach.

The island has an abundance of fruit and vegetables, making it a great base for all dishes and desserts, and especially for vegetarians and vegans. All dishes and salads are prepared on the basis of olive oil, and in our dishes we have known to everyone peppers and olives, citrus and melons as well as less used in our kitchen ripe figs and artichokes, which are especially highly recommended to tourists. The table will also include bread and pasta dedicated to vegans, to which you can add olive oil made on the spot with tomato sauce and vegan cheeses.

What’s the most convenient way to get to your holiday in Sardinia ?

Due to the fact that the stay in Sardinia is more and more attractive, we can enjoy convenient flights offered throughout the year from the airport from Warsaw, Krakow and Katowice as well as charter flights of travel agencies from Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków and Katowice. Many people also use flights departing from Berlin and Bratislava. The flight itself is very convenient and short, taking about 2 to 2.5 hours.

Many people also choose to travel by car to Livorno and take the ferry to the island. This solution is perfect for people who want to visit tourist attractions along the way, including Tuscany and bring more things with you. It is definitely not a way of getting around recommended for families with smaller children or older people. When driving a car, we can take our pets with us, which can also go on a ferry. From an economic point of view, a journey by a family of 4 gas cars will be much more favorable than a flight by plane.

What should I know before going on vacation in Sardinia?

Shopping can be done in supermarkets, as there are often local food products of very good quality. Food shopping can also be done without any problems at weekly markets, and the best quality products can be purchased in agritourism and small family factories. Local cheeses which, if stored properly, can remain fit for consumption for a long time, are especially recommended.

We can communicate with local people in Italian or Sardinian, so Android applications can be very useful and helpful. An interesting fact that is very important for tourists is that from 12:30 to 16:30 on the island there is a siesta during which, apart from large shopping centers and restaurants in large cities, everything is closed, including museums. It is necessary to take this into account when it comes to the sightseeing plan, because these are 4 hours that we have to manage somehow.

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