Recuperation – what is it and how does it work?

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Recuperation – what is it and how does it work? What is recuperation? How does it work and how much does it cost? Is recuperation the perfect solution for you? In this article, you will receive answers to your questions and learn many more aspects of recuperation.

What is recuperation?

Recuperation is, in other words, the term mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. In the case of standard ventilation, it functions thanks to the intake of air generated by chimneys. However, such a solution is characterized by a significant number of imperfections, such as moisture remaining in the rooms. It is for this reason that it is necessary to provide a good ventilation system

. Recuperation, which is a form of mechanical ventilation, bases its actions on the movement of air generated by the machine. This device is normally called a recuperator and allows you to control the movement of air, both produced by the machine and removed from the room. Recuperators also recover heat from polluted air, removing it during the process of carbon dioxide and moisture.

In short, recuperation is a system for replacing polluted air in a room with fresh air. At the same time, it also recovers some of the already stored heat.

How does recuperation work?

To understand the advantages of using a recuperator, you need to know how it works. So what is this process about? I will try to explain it in the simplest way.

The recuperator is installed at home, and the machine should be the main source of heat exchange and heat recovery from the air. The recuperator works by drawing in air in two directions at the same time. The first stream is clean (cold) air taken from outside the building. The second stream is warm air, but nevertheless polluted and moist. The recuperator pulls it in from the inside with the use of diffusers – circular grilles that can be seen on walls or ceilings. When both air streams are drawn in, they meet in the heat exchanger. Despite this, they do not mix with each other because each stream flows through a separate channel through the recuperator. The machine causes the warm air to retain its temperature, but is cleaned, while clean and cold air receives heat.The recuperator is equipped with ventilation ducts of different diameter (depending on the model). They cause that the purified air is blown inside the building and the polluted air is exhausted outside.

Thus, recuperation is not only a way to heat the air obtained from the outside. It also allows you to clean the air of pollutants and allergens, both outside the home and taken from the premises. Thanks to this, when using a recuperator, there is no need to use traditional ventilation, e.g. by opening windows. Recuperation is also a great solution if the building is located in a smog zone. The devices are equipped with special filters that will allow you to clean any type of air.

Recuperation and heat recovery

Recuperation is a modern alternative to the unreliable traditional ventilation. For this reason, it is the subject of numerous articles and speculation. If you are interested in recuperators, you may have come across information that by implementing this solution, you can save a significant part of the monthly expenses for heating your home. However, it is worth bearing in mind that recuperators do not work in the same way as heating. Some articles state that the use of recuperators reduces the costs associated with heating a residential space by 60 or even 70%. Unfortunately, the actual statistics are a bit different. According to numerous analyzes by specialists, an efficient recuperative system is able to save energy by about 30%. Although the percentage is much lower than the first,surprising statistics – so it is worth considering this type of solution in the household.

After all, 30% or a third less heating expenses is quite a success! Saving on heating is therefore possible thanks to a well-functioning recuperation system. Additional aspects that should be taken care of when installing a recuperator are the provision of other systems limiting heat loss. Such elements include proper insulation or neutralization of heat bridges. By paying attention to these aspects, you are able to reduce the costs associated with the operation of heating to an even greater extent.

Recuperation is health and the future

It is also worth noting that recuperators are an excellent solution ensuring health and comfort for the whole family. Opening a window is not always the perfect solution to purify the air. This is especially true if the house is in a polluted environment . The air contains a lot of harmful substances such as smog, smoke, dust or allergens. Additionally, too frequent traditional airing may lead to the appearance of fungus on the walls due to the high level of humidity.

There is no such risk when using recuperation. A good system is therefore an important aspect that will allow you to enjoy healthy and purified air in your home space.

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