Lawyer – how to make a career in the industry?

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Lawyer – how to make a career in the industry?.Are you dreaming about becoming an attorney in the near future? Do you want to uphold the law to protect the weak and the injured? In this case, the road to the top of the professional career is long and full of difficult challenges, which does not change the fact that the profession of lawyer is one of the most profitable professions in Poland. So what should be done to become a professional and the best attorney? The answer to this question can be found in the further part of the post, check how you can make your dream come true.

Choose the right field of higher education

Not all of us are designed to practice as an advocate, the process of teaching and preparing to work in this industry is extremely time-consuming and complicated. To become a lawyer, you must complete the appropriate law studies, therefore the first steps in the development of your professional career should be taken already during high school, choosing the right field of higher education.

Before we tell you about what it looks like in law studies, we will focus on who this particular field of study is for. Law, like medicine, is very popular among young people who are slowly entering adult life. Those who are interested in the basics of law and who can boast of a good memory should decide to study law. Why? As the saying goes, a good lawyer should have good memory. Learning is largely based on learning and remembering individual provisions of the law, paragraphs and other rules that lawyers use on a daily basis in their work. A good lawyer must also have “talkative” skills, therefore the ability to use Polish should be at the highest possible level.

Will you graduate from high school in a few months? Remember to take additional subjects during the matriculation examination, such as: knowledge about society (WOS) and history. Their positive result will make it easier for you to get into your dream law studies, which will be your beginning in the bar industry.

Law studies – what is the study like?

As mentioned above, studying law is long and difficult. The process of educating future lawyers takes several years and consists of several processes. Legal studies are a one-cycle program, they are the so-called long-cycle studies, what does it mean in practice? Studying in this field of study lasts continuously for five years, after defending the thesis and passing the application, each student receives a master’s degree in law, which officially entitles him to practice the profession of an advocate.

The process of education in this field of study is similar to that of other humanities. Students read, write and remember a lot. When considering entering a college or university to study law, you must be prepared to spend most of your free time reading and studying. During the first year, students learn about the basics and history of law, the next year with the provisions of administrative, civil and criminal law. The third and fourth year of studies is rich in civil, administrative and administrative-economic proceedings as well as the basics of financial law, labor law and commercial law, in addition, students take part in pro-seminars.

The last year is devoted to writing a thesis and preparing the submission of the appropriate application.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of legal studies, but lawyers are people whose salaries significantly exceed the national average, the monthly salary ranges from PLN 3,000 to PLN 4,500. So it’s safe to say that science pays off!

Working in a law firm – where to start?

As a graduate of a law school, with a master’s degree, you can apply for employment in any law firm of your choice. Currently, this profession is on the list of the most desirable professions. Nowadays, lawyers have their hands full, starting with finding a job in a law firm, you will gain some kind of experience that will make it easier for you to open your own business in the future. There is nothing to prevent you from working on your own, apart from providing assistance in a law firm. Establishing your own law firm is an opportunity to stand out in this industry and increase your already high earnings.

Contrary to appearances, the work of an attorney can be simple, light and pleasant, you only need to deal with those matters in which you feel best, e.g. family law or commercial law. By focusing on one specialization, your chances of becoming the best attorney in the city will increase significantly.

Now you know what steps should be taken to become a professional attorney in the future. The road to the top is long and hard, but one of the effects of your sacrifices will be finding a well-paid job or opening your own law firm.

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