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Music school – how much does it cost to study?

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Music school – how much does it cost to study? Studying at a music school has many benefits. These include not only getting a comprehensive musical education or learning to play an instrument, but also the art of overcoming stage fright, working in a group and even organization. But how does it work in practice – do you need to have a sufficiently thick wallet to provide a child with such education, or do public schools allow free education? We answer the most important issues regarding the cost of studying at a music school.

Music schools, like general education schools, are divided into private and public. And just like in other schools, the cost of education differs significantly in this case – therefore public and private music schools will be discussed separately.

The cost of studying in a private music school of the first degree

In the case of private school education, the tuition price increases with the degree of education. Depending on the age at which the child starts school, the first cycle lasts from four to six years.

Six-year education costs about PLN 500 during the first three years of study and PLN 600 from the fourth to the sixth grade. In turn, the cost of education in the four-year mode is, respectively, about PLN 500 during the first year and PLN 600 for each month for the next three years – or about PLN 600 for all years of study; the price is set separately by each school, the above are only indicative.

Private music schools only charge tuition for ten months of study, making the holiday period free of charge. The rest of the time, regardless of the number of holidays and days off, the tuition fees are always the same.

You should also remember to pay a one-time enrollment fee, which is usually the equivalent of the first month of study.

Second-cycle private music school – tuition fees

Candidates from 10 to 21 years of age who have successfully passed the entrance exams are admitted to secondary music schools . The cost of admission to school usually depends on the course the student enrolls in; instrumental and vocal studies are among the most popular, some schools also offer rhythmics. Although tuition may take either six or four years, the tuition fees do not change over the years.

The fee for a year of studying instrumentalism is about PLN 7,000 (PLN 700 per month), while candidates for vocal studies must take into account a tuition fee of about PLN 8,000 per year, i.e. PLN 800 per month.

Individual tuition costs in a music school

Most music schools offer singing or playing a musical instrument individually for one or two hours a week. These types of classes, unlike standard music school education, do not include theoretical classes.

The monthly fee for a half-hour lesson once a week costs about PLN 200, for two – PLN 400. In turn, for 45-minute lessons, four lessons per month cost about PLN 300, and eight – PLN 450. So these fees are not very different from the usual tuition, especially for two lessons per week, but this type of solution seems to be a good solution for people who do not have too much free time a week.

In addition, many schools offer classes for children who are too young to enter the first cycle; this kind of “music kindergarten” costs from 100 to 200 zlotys a month.

Public music school – fees

Regardless of the degree of music school, education in public institutions is completely free. Instead of the usual tuition fees, there are other monthly fees for this; belong to them:

  • music fund (about PLN 30 per month);
  • parent committee (about PLN 10 per month);
  • loan of an instrument (only if the student does not own it at home – instruments that cannot be moved freely, such as a piano, are excluded) (PLN 15 per month).

Parents pay the above-mentioned money only during the months of school education, i.e. outside the holiday period – ten times a year.

Additional fees

Both private and private music schools are not free from fees that go beyond the education itself. These include, above all, trips to music competitions – it costs not only the entry fee, but also travel and accommodation if the competition lasts longer than one day. The entry fee usually costs no more than PLN 100, but the journey itself and possible accommodation may be much more expensive.

In addition, there are costs associated with keeping the instrument in good condition (for example, buying new guitar strings), sheet music, books and manuals. These types of fees can reach a total of PLN 200 to even PLN 500 per month and it is necessary to take these costs into account before sending a child to a music school.

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