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It hurts? Go to a physical therapist

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It hurts? Go to a physical therapist. It’s no secret that everyone hurts sometimes. It could be a fleeting headache or the pain of hitting a cupboard. One of the worst ones in the world is the one you stand with your bare foot on a Lego block left in the dark. However, all these ailments are temporary. Sad, bothersome and we wouldn’t wish them to anyone, but they pass. Unfortunately, not only these happen to us. Sometimes injuries and diseases cause so much pain that you need to seek help from specialists.

For many people, physiotherapy is the salvation. In orthopedics, it is one of the most important types of recovery and pain relief after various operations. However, it can also be a means of protecting the patient against surgical intervention. Maybe the effects of visits to a physiotherapist are not immediately visible, but they are, and sometimes even, amazing.

Forget about pain

What can a session of treatments with a specialist give us? Athletes can get rid of their injuries and fight again for victory in various disciplines. Canoeists often get hand injuries from swinging the oars. By the same token, they experience head injuries, but occasionally, and if they are lucky enough to dodge, they can strain their neck muscles. A kayak is a limited space and many strange things can happen on it. Such an injured canoeist goes to a physiotherapist and already knows that he will not be left without help. The pain can be very intense and haunting, but thanks to systematic exercise and treatments it can be relieved, sometimes forever. That is why it is so important not to waste time on shamans and quacks and to go to a specialist quickly.

Postpartum physiotherapy

Speaking of shamans and quacks, you need to get acquainted with the issue of physiotherapy in pediatrics. Modern medicine and science offer many possibilities and wonderful solutions, and yet some mothers and fathers send their children into the precarious hands of completely incompetent people, preying on their naivety. When a child has crooked legs, some parents do not want to take him to an orthopedist, but on the advice of a quack doctor, they give the poor offspring a cabbage poultice and an enema. It may not end well, and of course, sooner or later, repentant parents return to the side of reason, but as long as they do not hurt their child sooner, everything may end well. It is worth keeping your fingers crossed so that as few of the youngest, defenseless patients as possible experience such torture and find professional help as soon as possible.

However, helping small people is not the only area in which physiotherapy can be useful. After childbirth, it can be used by mothers who want to regain their former charm and feminine charm, or who have had an accident during childbirth. Giving birth is a risky event even nowadays, despite the team of doctors and nurses around, various rescue and aids. At such a dramatic moment, anything can happen and have a negative impact on both the baby and the mother. Psychological losses aside, one can develop physical injuries that should quickly be consulted first with a doctor and then possibly with a physical therapist.

Help at the National Health Fund

Many people think that various restorations are a whim and do not decide to take them, or even do not want to know what they are about. Meanwhile, it turns out that such help is increasingly available to patients. If something hurts them a lot, they can get support and do not have to pay for it, as the popularity of physiotherapy grows every yearat the National Health Fund. Incredible as it sounds, even such modern and prestigious methods of helping patients are within their reach under health insurance. Therefore, both mothers and their children, as well as men and other women, can use it if they need and pay contributions. If more people were aware of this, we would definitely be living in a happier country. Perhaps over the years it will start to change for the better. Meanwhile, in small steps, doctors try to convince people of such things, knowing that they are beneficial for them.

There is also the question of pain relief. The return to fitness is one of the most spectacular effects of treatments at physiotherapists, but not the only one. It happens that a person hurts so much that it makes everyday functioning difficult. In such a case, he seeks help and often reaches for painkillers that drown the senses and suppress the feeling of pain, but do not eliminate its cause. Meanwhile, it is possible to get rid of this pain with other methods that do not use chemical painkillers, but help the body to deal with it. Physiotherapy is one of these methods and you do not need to be afraid of it, because it is not just a scientific and proven field of knowledge on the treatment of health problems. Its use is very wide and you may sometimes be surprised that a given ailment can be cured with something that has a long and complicated name, and is in itself something completely obvious and, most importantly, helpful. Encouraging the use of such treatments is a moral obligation and duty of everyone.

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