A laptop for a player – what to consider when buying it?

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A laptop for a player – what to consider when buying it? Laptops are a great gift idea for Christmas or a birthday. However, it is worth knowing that choosing a laptop for a person interested in playing various computer games is not an easy matter. There are a lot of gaming laptops on the market that differ in a number of factors. So how to choose a gaming laptop that will be tailored to the needs and expectations of a person who wants to be able to play games at the highest level? We will answer this question in this article.

Laptop prices for players

Before buying a laptop or computer, many people first pay attention to their price. There is nothing strange in this, because the assumed budget is a very important issue. Here’s how we break down the price range of gaming laptops:

  • laptops for players up to PLN 2,000 – these are laptops that are distinguished by their relatively high simplicity. Unfortunately, this type of device cannot cope with the latest games. Laptop graphics cards up to PLN 2,000 are slightly stronger than integrated systems, so with such laptops we will be able to play only undemanding games. Most of this type of laptops in the price category up to PLN 2,000 have 4 GB of RAM, low-voltage processors and hard drives with a capacity of about 500 GB;
  • laptops for players at a price of up to PLN 2,500 – this price category of laptops is distinguished by the fact that it mainly includes typically multimedia laptops. However, they are a bit better made. This type of laptop is equipped with a 15.6-inch matrix offering HD resolution, 8 GB of RAM, a low-voltage Intel processor (sixth, seventh or eighth generation) and hard drives with a capacity of 1 TB or a 128 GB SSD drive. Graphics cards in such laptops are also slightly more powerful than in the previous category;
  • laptops for players at a price of up to PLN 3,000 – this price category already includes laptops that have been prepared for real players who value high-level gameplay. Many models in this price range also have an unusual design. They have a little more RAM and their HDDs are larger. They are also distinguished by having better graphics cards and processors;
  • laptops for players up to PLN 4,000 – this is a category of laptops in which there is already high performance. Graphics cards are at a very high level. We can also count on the latest four, six and even eight-core processors. When you buy a laptop at this price, you can get it with two disks – HDD and SSD. The amount of RAM, in turn, can range from 4 GB to even 32 GB. Thanks to this, we will be sure that all installed games will work exactly as we would like;
  • laptops for players for up to PLN 5,000 – the category of laptops for players for up to PLN 5,000 is distinguished by the fact that there are laptops with Full-HD matrices and Blu-ray drives. In addition, they also have high-class speakers and additional SSD disks to ensure stable operation of the entire system. For this amount, you can buy laptops with a diagonal of 15.6 inches and larger, 17-inch ones. Laptops for players for up to PLN 5,000 also have the best graphics cards and processors.

What accessories for a gaming laptop to buy?

When buying a laptop for a gamer, you should also not forget to buy add-ons. We are talking about such accessories as, for example, a cooling pad. Laptops distinguished by high performance are also characterized by the fact that they heat up very much to high temperatures. If we invest in a cooling pad, the laptop’s temperature will drop significantly. Thanks to this, the comfort of use and safety will be significantly increased. Another element that should not be forgotten when buying a laptop for a player is a special gaming mouse. It is an absolutely essential product when we play RTS or FPS games. A good gaming mouse is an absolute priority if we want the fastest response time, ergonomic grip and high precision.

Laptop or desktop computer?

It is worth knowing that in addition to gaming laptops, there are of course also high-quality desktops on the market. People who are looking for the best gaming equipment often wonder what will be better: a mobile laptop or a desktop computer? What is actually a better solution? It is worth knowing that a laptop has a very important advantage, which is that it is fully mobile. We can take it with us wherever we want. A desktop computer will not offer this to us. At the same time, the drawback of gaming laptops is the fact that they are not cheap constructions. Compared to desktops, they are much more expensive. In addition, their performance may be slightly lower. For this reason, the decision whether to buy a gaming desktop computer or a gaming laptop,we should take after considering all our needs and expectations. Only then will we be sure that the purchased equipment will be suitable for us

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