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First the material, then the cut – comfortable women’s underwear

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First the material, then the cut – comfortable women’s underwear. Many women focus mainly on what the women’s lingerie they want to buy looks like , forgetting what is most important, i.e. the material from which it was made. The style of the underwear is important, but the main factor that affects the comfort of wearing is the fabric. Poor quality material will make the body irritated, we will sweat more, and in extreme cases, it may result in an allergic reaction (this mainly applies to poor quality synthetic materials with thick weaves). For this reason, it is worth spending a bit more time choosing the perfect underwear. What material to choose? Some helpful tips below.

Type of material – synthetic or natural?

One of the key questions to ask yourself right from the start is what type of fabric will be appropriate for your underwear. In general, women’s underwear , like most clothes, is made of two main types of materials: synthetic and natural.In general, underwear made of synthetic materials is not very popular among consumers, although it is irreplaceable when creating slimming underwear. Natural materials are not able to shape the body in the same way as strong and flexible synthetic materials. If a woman wants to achieve a slimming effect, she should purchase a set of underwear made of synthetic material. It is worth mentioning here that slimming underwear should not be put on every day, because constant pressure is unhealthy for the body.

It should be mentioned that synthetic materials do not have to mean poor quality and discomfort. The development of technology has made them also comfortable, like natural materials. However, in the case of synthetics, much more attention must be paid to the quality of the material than in the case of women’s underwear made of natural materials. Women’s underwear made of natural materials is easier to assess the quality. You only need to check the percentage composition and the type of strands.It is worth noting that a very good solution is to choose underwear made of natural materials with an admixture of synthetic. Synthetic materials are more durable, while natural materials are soft, comfortable and breathable. The combination of these properties can give a very good effect. The most common combination is cotton with an admixture of elastane.

Underwear – which natural material is the best?

One of the materials that works exceptionally well for both women’s and men ‘s underwear is cotton. Cotton is a versatile, skin-friendly and soft material. However, the mere term “cotton” is not enough to say that the underwear is of good quality. The quality of cotton is demonstrated above all by the length and delicacy of the fibers. The best is the so-called combed cotton.

Another popular material used in the production of underwear is bamboo. Bamboo fibers are characterized by delicacy and elasticity. Most often, eco-friendly underwear is produced from this material. Viscose should also be distinguished among natural materials. Viscose is a cellulose fiber that is soft, delicate and flexible. Contrary to cotton, it does not deform. Viscose is used to produce modal, which is a more durable variant of viscose. What’s more, modal has better moisture absorption properties, so it can be a lot better for hot summers.

Underwear – which synthetic material is the best?

As already mentioned above, in the case of synthetic materials, women’s slimming underwear is of the greatest interest However, synthetic materials are also used in everyday production. Spandex should be distinguished in the first place, the admixture of which is found in most clothes and underwear. It ensures the right shape of underwear and thus extends its life.

Another synthetic material that is very popular is polyamide. It is one of the materials that are characterized by high durability, air and moisture permeability. Most often it appears in sports clothes and underwear. The fact that it can wick away moisture makes it a good hygienic protection during intense training. Few people are aware that the combination of polyamide and polyester allows you to create extremely delicate underwear. Even softer than silk. This is because the combination of the two materials produces a microfiber, allowing the production of extremely fine fibers.Another type of combination of polyamide and polyester is microfiber, which is primarily used in the production of swimwear. Much less often it appears in typical underwear. Microfiber is characterized by an extremely thin weave (10 times thinner than the weave of silk fibers and 30 times thinner than the weave of cotton fibers).

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