Tent storage hall – a simple and cheap solution

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Tent storage hall – a simple and cheap solution What to do when it is necessary to quickly find a place for the goods purchased or manufactured by the company. The solution in such a situation may be storage tents. Besides, they are not only for this purpose. They are perfect for many other applications. Under their roof, for example, there may be a garage or a workshop. What role they will play is limited only by the imagination of the person who decides to use them. In addition, they do not require building permits and are quick and easy to install.

Production or rental for individual orders

There should be no problem with the choice of a storage tent that meets our expectations, because they are produced and rented by many companies. Such objects of course come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They can be up to several hundred square meters in size and up to several meters in height, and can be equipped with windows or floors. It all depends on the client’s needs, and quite a lot of competition in this market has made producers or landlords approach each order very flexibly. So there is no problem with making or renting a warehouse tent hall for a very individual order. And when you want to borrow it, you don’t have to do it for a long time. There are companies that offer transport of a tent hall, its assembly and subsequent disassembly even then,when it is only needed for one day. For example, as a venue for a cultural or business event.

Cheaper and without a file of consents and documentation

One of the main advantages of a warehouse tent hall is that you do not need a file of documentation, approvals, construction permits and signatures required for other structures to build it. This saves a lot of time. There is also no need to be afraid that the construction supervision will suddenly appear and the investment will be questioned. And such a structure can also be moved to another place after some time.

Another feature that speaks in favor of such a solution is the low overall cost of obtaining space under the roof. It is definitely much smaller than traditional construction or even renting a brick room. It is estimated that tent storage halls are up to four times cheaper than traditional construction. And if cared for properly, they can last up to ten years.

Belts and struts

But before buying or renting such a structure, it is better to think about whether you have a suitable place to put it. Modern technology in this industry makes such structures very durable. They are not afraid of even very strong gusts of wind and the most heavy rain, hail or snowfall. But falling tree limbs or damaged poles can seriously damage such a tent. And worse, destroy what’s inside too. Therefore, if it is possible, of course, it is better not to place them under or near trees and poles.

Especially when you buy storage tent halls, it is worth making sure that their use in the future does not cause too much trouble. Choose a product that would be of solid construction. In addition to the bolts, it was also mounted using transverse and side roof struts, because only such technical solutions improve the rigidity and stability of such a tent. The struts are also there to support the tarpaulin which is quite heavy.

It should also be noted whether the selected model has a set of belts for erecting the structure. Thanks to them, the tarpaulin will be carefully stretched and secured on the frame. This will protect her from unwanted movements. In addition, a well-stretched tarpaulin makes it easier for rain to drain and snow to slide off.

Garage, heated workshop or animal pen

All this means that the warehouse tent halls have a very wide range of applications. They do not have to serve only as storage space. They are also perfect for garages. Not only for cars. Their available sizes allow them to also shelter construction machines or other devices of this type. Even a large boat will fit there.

This type of tent halls are more and more often used as a roof for various types of sports facilities, i.e. sports fields, tennis courts, ice rinks, horse riding arena, etc. The tent hall can also be used as a henhouse or fruit sorting. And the smaller ones, in turn, can be used as a much cheaper alternative to brick outbuildings or farm buildings on the property. This design is also great for a handy workshop. Sometimes it is also used as a pen for farm animals, because it is not only an effective protection against rain and wind, but each tent can be heated, so it works well when it’s cold outside. There are already produced special devices dedicated to use in tent warehouses.

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